What They Leave Behind + Depression


Compliments are odd things.

A friend of mine was recently awarded the high compliment of her son saying, “Whoa! How did you do that?!?” in reaction to her Lego creation.

Among the odd compliments I’ve received, a few stand out. Once, a friend of mine told me what she liked about me most was that I was “competent.” Considering this was likely one of two compliments she voiced that year, I was honoured. A next-door neighbor of Hispanic roots nicknamed me “trabajadora,” or “hard-worker,” thus creating a ringing contrast to years of being screamed at for being “lazy” when I was a child. A former roommate said that I was one of the few “awake” people he’d ever met. And a friend and former bellydancing colleague once said, “Kat is the most passionate person I’ve ever known.” Another friend, who had been practicing yoga for 19 years, expressed once that I was one of those rare few who actually get yoga.

Friends, and sometimes even loved ones, enter and depart our lives. And whether we know them for a short while or a lifetime, every one of them leaves behind something in our hearts and minds.

I think it’s important when battling Depression to not only focus on the hurt and pain others have left behind. It’s vital to recall the compliments as well, from the little ones that make you look sideways at her, wondering if she’s being sarcastic, to the ones that fill you with a sort of awe and gratitude towards Life and Love. We cannot choose how another person will behave towards us; we can, however, choose to focus our memories. For there is much to treasure in what they leave behind.