Cultivating Love + Depression

If you Will, let’s take a trip to the Land of Metaphor.
Your life is a garden.
It’s not a perfect, carefully-cultivated, manicured garden.  At least not always.  It’s more of a wild place, the kind of garden where plants and flowers and fruit and vegetables and critters coexist in a seemingly chaotic array, and as much goes on underground as above ground.
Midst all of this chaos, you, the gardener have choices.  The first step you must take in the garden that is your life is acceptance.  Your Depression is a weed, one that will choke the life out of your garden.  Ask any gardener if they’ve ever seen a garden without the occasional weed that must be dealt with; it’s not likely you’ll get evidence of such a place.  I think there’s a lot of shame around Depression, which can be an invisible illness.  So, accept it.  You have weeds.
Step two?  Make a conscious and deliberate decision that the weeds are not going to overrun your garden. Sometimes the weeds will be rather virulent; sometimes getting control of them will seem the impossible task.  Sometimes you’re going to have to ask other gardeners to come into your garden and help with weed control.  But hey – it’s worth it.  Make a choice that the weeds aren’t going to be the overwhelming factor of your garden.
After all, look at all the other flora and fauna in your garden!
Check out those amazing flowers! Proud Irises, wacky daffodils, sweet bluebells and snowdrops, you know what they are – and the awesome thing about the garden that is your life is that you can have all the flowers you want. My garden has flowers from several countries and climates.  And you should see the trees! It’s rather beautiful.  Weeds and all.
 A consideration – take care of your garden and it will take care of you.  Those lovely flowers?  They’re your friends, your family, all of   Nourish them, help them grow, watch over them, and they will give back to you in immeasurable quantity.  
Taking care of your garden is how you cultivate Love, a force as powerful and wonderful and life-enhancing as you can imagine, as you can let it be, and as you can make it.
Thank you for reading.  Depression Warrior is one of my favourite trees in my garden.  I hope it brings you some shelter, fun, and beauty, as it does me.
>^,,^< //

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