Getting in touch with your environment + Depression

Excepting those with outside jobs, we live in a largely indoor world.

It can be very easy to get up before the sun, drive in to work, spend all day in an office, drive home, and spend the evening inside before going to sleep.

I’ve found that this type of lifestyle is not conducive to fighting Depression on a daily basis.

But it’s a busy life; I know.  Here are a few ways to get back to the basics, per se.  I’ve found that when I take the time to reconnect with Nature, wherever I’m living, my mood is uplifted.

1) Invest in good outdoor clothing. With a bit of budgeting, even someone on a low budget (and yes, I’ve been there, too, more often than not) can save up and invest in a decent outdoor jacket or coat.  Shop around for a ‘weatherproof’ coat.  Knowing that it’s raining outside, or cold, but all you have to do is throw on your trusty all-weather coat / jacket in order to enjoy going outdoors makes it easier to work a few minutes of outdoor time into your daily schedule.

2) I’m fortunate in that my work is directly on the Mississippi River.  It is simply a gorgeous environment.  Here’s how  I fit in a bit of River time every work day:  1) I plan to arrive at work 15 minutes early.  As I have a 45 minute drive in, leaving 15 minutes earlier is not such a big deal.  Upon arriving in the neighborhood, I park in Martyr’s Park and spend a few minutes walking along the riverbank.  Almost always I see a mockingbird flitting about, I observe the tempo of the River, which changes every day, and I enjoy the view of the wild banks of Arkansas across the River.  I should state here that I am a morning person.  But it is definitely worth it.

3) Lunch break – I only have 30 minutes for lunch, and I love to lunch with my work colleague, as she and I are more often than not the only ones at the office and she’s a fabulously cool person.  However, I take about 15 minutes with her, which has necessitated me eating rather light lunches (a health benefit!) and then 10 minutes to visit the river again.  Bliss.

But what if I work downtown / in an ugly looking neighborhood with no green spaces?  Let’s not forget the sky,

…and the sun,

…and the Earth

There is beauty all around us.  Beauty that we’ve been connected to for far longer than we’ve been stuck in fluorescent lighting for 7-9 hours a day.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of searching.  But reminding myself of my connections to the water, and the sky and the sun and the Earth is one of my favourite Depression Warrior tactics, and the ability to appreciate these elements wherever on the planet I am is one of my favourite parts of being human.

How do you get in touch with your environment?

>^,,^< //



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