Hello! I’m short on time, and this blog seems to be a bit inactive.  I’m not keen on just spouting off to myself – I could use the time for other things.

Here are a few topics I’ve been considering.  If anyone wants to hear about any of them, leave a comment.  If not, that’s fine, too.  I started this blog to help others who are fighting the same uphill battle as me; if no one wants to read it / discuss things, though, that’s okay!  🙂

Chronic Pain and Depression
Mindfulness and Depression
On Being Overly Analytical
___________ (You name it!)

Wishing you a low-stress, high-smile day!


6 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. I might have been quiet on the comment front but I’ve been reading this blog the whole time and finding it helpful. So thank you.
    The mindfulness and being overly analytical sound like interesting topics. x

  2. Just write and don’t worry. It’s all useful even if it’s in six months time and someone searches and reads it and realised they’re not alone with what they’re going through.

    That’s why I started the Diabetes one. More info there is out there the better it is for those that come along later.

    Any topic is useful and I’ll read.

  3. I have found your posts very helpful and supportive – I personally would be very interested in a post on being overly analytical as it relates strongly to how I can often be.

    This blog is very much appreciated and is very useful.

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