I can relate…

No matter how many statistics I hear about the prevalence of Depression, and how many, many people suffer from it, sometimes I still feel alone with my illness.  As if no one has ever had Depression this bad, or had to hide it this often, or as if everyone else with Depression this severe is on antidepressants, and otherwise they’d have shuffled off this mortal coil long ago.  Which is all bunk, of course.  But it’s also pretty typical of the isolating nature of Depression.  Knowing this, it is nevertheless comforting to me every once in a while to read a blog from someone with Depression who is, well, not me (heh…) and who talks about the ups and downs, and how we cannot let the bad days overshadow the good ones.  With that in mind, gentlereaders, I give you today’s guest blog, but one Mr. Wil Wheaton, who first crossed our radars in Star Trek and is now all-grown up (and, reputedly, and right groovy chap).  Enjoy!




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