Not a doctor, just a sufferer…

Hello Folks!

Before I get too deep down in it, here, I just want to clear up any budding misconceptions:

1) I am not a doctor, a psychologist, or any kind of expert on Depression.  I’ve been dealing with my Depression since I was a teenager, so I’m speaking from my own experiences.  Your mileage, of course, may vary.

2) I am not Amish, a Christian Scientist, nor an adherent of any of the ‘faith healing’ paths that forbid use of medication as evidence of distrust in deity.  I’m not advocating that anyone refuse medication for Depression, or stop taking said, without consultation with a medical professional.  I’ll speak on why medication doesn’t work for me in another post, but by all means – if the meds are working for you, great!  I’ve heard they can make things a lot easier.

3) I have no agenda other than to record and present what works for me in living with Depression, on the chance that someone out there could use some ideas, encouragement, or just to know that s/he is not alone in struggling.

So, please enjoy this blog and feel free to comment at will.  I do ask that we be kind and gentle to each other.  No one is alone.


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